Unlocking the Next Level of Digital Growth Workshop

Tuesday, May 17

11:00am - 11:45am
MIDDLE EAST - Online Event
Virtual Event

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As a Retail and E-comm marketer today, the key to unlocking your digital growth is through innovative personalised experiences, delivering ROI with building multiple channel marketing programs, optimising CX with data driven strategies and making sure you are in short driving growth across the funnel.


An agile marketing strategy is a must with the ever-evolving customer behaviours and trends within the retail and e-commerce industry. To ensure you have zero marketing waste, marketers are continuously looking at enhancing experience for their customers and creating a successful business model. This workshop brings together the top retail and e-commerce leaders of the region to brainstorm on the marketing perspective to amp up CX with innovative communication channels.

Unlocking the Next Level of Digital Growth Workshop
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