Retail Industry Trends and eCommerce Agility in 2022

Wednesday, July 20

11:00am - 11:45am
Virtual Event

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For marketers, creating high ROI multichannel marketing programs is a top priority and a huge challenge.


While tech stacks and processes have evolved, creating a singularly great experience has perhaps never been more difficult. Customer tastes and behaviours are changing rapidly, but brands are struggling to grow with them and outpace a noisy, competitive market.


In 2020, due to the surge in demand, every day felt like Black Friday for online stores. In fact when Black Friday hit, according to Insider’s global Black Friday trends, there was a 36% increase in revenue compared to the same time last year. What does this mean for eCommerce?


With the rapid rise of digital stores and fierce competition, to survive as an eCommerce brand, you need to become more agile and digitised than ever before.


Join our webinar to find out how you can build and scale cross-channel marketing programs to deliver higher ROI. From unifying disconnected data to building diehard customer loyalty, we’ll show you what it takes to see positive, consistent results.

Retail Industry Trends and eCommerce Agility in 2022
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