Slow summer: 7 hot marketing tips to beat the summertime slump

by Bita Taghavi-Stevens

Business slowing down a bit? We hear you.

We all know the summer months can be a bit sluggish on the sales front. Productivity drops (4% per degree of temperature rise past 26 degrees), everyone’s away – and if your business depends on connecting with people, the frustration is real. But you’re not alone.

If your emails are unanswered and your LinkedIn requests are languishing, don’t feel disheartened.

It’s not you, it’s summer. And we have the perfect antidote.

Here are 7 hot marketing tips to help you combat the summer slump, stay motivated, and start the new season with a bang…


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1. Focus on the top of your sales funnel


If the bottom of your sales pipeline is looking a little bunged up, switch your focus. Use this time to refill the top of your funnel. After all, this is the key to maintaining a healthy, full pipeline and generating more revenue in the future – and the slower summer months are the perfect time to do it.

By researching and targeting new leads, you’ll give yourself the best chance of meeting your quotas in the next quarter – and maybe even making up for this slower period.


2. Don't be too quick to slash prices


We know it’s tempting to react by cutting prices but the obvious downside is reduced profits. Plus, you could devalue your products and your brand.

Instead, opt for adding value for customers by enticing them with offers and sales-driven marketing.

For example, you could give out free branded merchandise to anyone who spends above a certain amount, or create 3 for the price of 2 offers across certain ranges. And you’ll be getting 2 for the price of 1: driving sales and boosting your brand image.


3. Become a brand for all seasons


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Embrace the summer by tuning into the season and key happenings. A good place to start is by making a list of summer events and activities; this will help you see exactly how you can market your products.

For example, you could align your marketing with national holidays, special events or festivals, giving you the perfect platform to create summer-themed content for your blog and social media – and use it to promote relevant products or services.


4. Get creative on social media


Capture those summer time vibes by cranking up the creativity on your social media channels. Simple things like posting pictures of your staff having fun at work or your summer party are a great way to connect with your audience – and it won’t do your brand credentials and authenticity any harm.

Another way to boost engagement is through interactive summer-themed competitions, challenges and giveaways. Again, try to link these to specific events while making them relevant to your business. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you could set up a challenge for customers to send in their favourite poolside or festival make-up looks. Or you could ask followers to send in pics of their best summer moments – simple!


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5. Be bold

Most new product launches tend to happen in autumn/winter. It’s an obvious fresh start: the kids are going back to school, holidays are over, it’s a new season. But who says you need to do what everyone else does?

With less competition in the marketplace, summer can be a great time to test a new product or service. Not only do you stand a better chance of it being noticed, it’s also a good opportunity for a softer launch with a smaller audience. And if it doesn’t work, you’ve got time to make changes before the next quarter.


6. Go organic with your digital strategy


When it comes to your digital marketing, the summer months are the perfect time to shift from paid and organic to a purely organic approach. Paid ads might give you faster results, but content marketing will help you build your brand – and the slower summer months give you the opportunity to do this.

Focussing on your reach and SEO can make a big difference once the season’s over. By using this time to boost your organic credentials, when September comes, you’ll be getting more clicks, traffic, and conversions. And when you reintroduce paid marketing? With your stronger SEO foundations, you’re likely to see a notable improvement in your ROI.


7. Plan ahead


It might sound obvious, but planning ahead is crucial – both for the summer months and beyond. All of the points we’ve covered should be planned well in advance to help mitigate this slower period.

Use your sales and marketing data from previous summers to analyse exactly what happens in these months and how you can cushion your business.

Do you have higher bounce rates? Fewer visitors to your website? Less engagement on social media? Pinpointing exactly where things are dipping will help you develop a focussed summer strategy.

You can also use the slower months to plan ahead for the next quarter. This is the perfect time to develop your content calendar, refine your marketing strategy and plan key events for the busy season ahead. And it won’t just improve your bottom line; looking ahead and making strategic plans will help to keep you proactive and positive.


There’s no two ways about it: the summer slump can be dispiriting. While it’s easy to feel defeated, with an agile approach and a bit of pivoting, you can use this time to refocus your strategies, find fresh motivation and hit the ground running in the new season.


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