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Tuesday, September 27

10:00am - 10:45am
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Why do we still remember that ‘Nicole, Papa’ Renault ad from 30 years ago? Or the Cadbury’s gorilla playing the drums?


TV advertising is the epicentre of emotive brand storytelling – and it’s still the most powerful way to reach your audience. No other medium offers the same creative potential, brand power, or scale. The only problem? Cost. But that was before Addressable TV.


Addressable TV has revolutionised the advertising industry. Cost-efficient, and highly targeted, it combines all the creative influence of television with the power of data technology.


Join our Workshop to learn:


  • Why household names (TikTok, Adidas) are building their brands through Addressable TV

  • How Addressable TV enables you to execute against niche audiences not available in the TV ecosystem

  • How Addressable TV significantly lowers the cost of entry to TV for brands of all sizes

11:30am - 12:15pm
UK & Europe - Online Event
Virtual Event

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We've always known how powerful game mechanics in marketing can be - and when our recent consumer research with YouGov showed 56% of consumers are more likely to click on a gamified ad, it's time to put customers at the heart of your marketing strategy.


The ultimate top-of-the-funnel engagement tool, playable marketing turns your audiences’ instinct to play into extraordinary results. We’ll show you how you can unlock the possibilities of gamification to create tailored, frictionless experiences that drive engagement and deliver excellent ROI.

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