In-person vs Virtual: which one is better?

by Bita Taghavi-Stevens

In-person or virtual, there’s so much to be gained from knowledge-exchange events. But while both are great for finding solutions, learning, and forging new business connections, they’re not the same. Virtual and in-person events both have their own USPs and strengths.

The question is: Is one better than the other? Let’s take a look.

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Reach and opportunity


One of the best things about virtual events is their reach. You can meet peers and industry experts from further afield at the click of a button. This creates an audience with a richer diversity of ideas and experience than you might find in a single location.

With virtual events, barriers to entry (time, money, physical limitations) are removed, making them accessible to everyone, wherever they are. This is a huge positive.

All attendees get to benefit from a wider range of perspectives and ideas, giving you more opportunities for forging partnerships and connections.

Which one’s better? It’s a gold star for virtual.


Getting the inside info


Virtual events are amazing for curated knowledge; planned content delivered in an organised way (panels, Q&As, keynotes). Of course these formats are also used at in-person events – but there are other types of information that can be found more readily at in-person events.

Impromptu conversations with other knowledgeable people can often be very revealing, and this type of unplanned, indirect knowledge can be priceless.

Just from being in a room with your peers, you can get a sense of the market; how other companies in your industry feel things are going, fears, hopes for the future, how they plan to navigate new regulations or legislation – it’s a goldmine of valuable information.


Which one’s better? It’s a big tick for in-person.




Although in-person events don’t have to be extra long (we keep all of ours as time-efficient half-days), there’s no two ways about it: they take up more time. Even if it’s just hopping on a tube or bus, you have to travel there and back – and the event itself is usually longer.

By contrast, virtual events are almost always shorter. Our virtual Masterclasses are two hours long – and because you can log on wherever you are, there’s no extra time needed.


Which one’s better? It’s a big round of applause for virtual.


Vibe and attitude


In-person events give you a change of scene. It’s something different; a day out away from your desk, meeting new people in a new space.

People turn up with a more relaxed attitude than if they were sat at a screen, so there’s a real buzz and sense of fun. Add to this a pre-event breakfast or post-events drinks and you’ve got the perfect recipe for relaxed mingling, networking and the chance to make valuable connections.

Most importantly, you’ll have a great time!


Which one’s better? It’s a gold medal for in-person.


So what’s the verdict? Virtual and in-person events may have slightly different benefits, but both of them give you a platform to find solutions, expand your knowledge and grow your business. So why choose one when you can have both? By mixing up your schedule with a combination of virtual and in-person events, you’ll optimise your results and get the best of both worlds.


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